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About Me


Hey, my name is Allison.  I'm 23 years old.  I got my Bachelor's degree from UNT in English Literature.  Also, I worked at Barnes and Nobles for almost four years.  I've always been around books and couldn't imagine being around anything else!  In addition to being a librarian, I want to be a young adult writer. 



I just got married this past November to my wonderful husband, Brad.  We live just north of downtown Dallas.  I cannot wait until we move into our own house which will hopefully be later this year.  We have two adorable cats named Janey and Katey.  They were both rescue kitties. 




My Library Life
    I currently work as the Youth Services Assistant Librarian at the Colleyville Public Library.  I love my job.  I get to do story times for our walkers and toddlers.  Also, I have made it my mission to rehaul our Young Adult collection and programming.  Due to my diligent weeding and heavy ordering of the YA variety, I have gotten circulation up in this previously ignored collection.  I'm such a dork because I'm very excited.  Starting in February, I am getting a teen book club going at our library.  I've had some positive feedback so far, but nervous to see how many actually so up!  I plan on graduating from TWU in August 2006.  Hopefully, after that I will be able to find a full-time librarian position in teen services.  I'm crossing my fingers on that one!


The following details are irrelevant to my educational studies at TWU and my professional career, but rather are the result of me being bored while having the flu.  :o)

My Favorite Things


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